Action Claims Administrators is the Third Party Administrator (TPA) division of Action Claim Service (ACS). Given the success of ACS, a spinoff into the TPA side of things was a natural progression. ACS was launched by Michael Mann in 2004 after an excellent career as a large loss adjuster for a nationwide independent firm. The company is based in Benton, Arkansas but quickly developed a southeastern United States footprint. In May of 2012, Michael added Action Claims Administrators (ACA) as a TPA by bringing aboard some of the best talent nationwide in the insurance and claims industries. Amanda Mann took over the reins of this division in 2015 bringing her years of corporate marketing and management to the fold and allowing Michael to concentrate on the P & C side of the business.


Action Claim Service created a unique philosophy which sets them apart from their competitors and the other choices of Third Party Administrators out there. It starts with our hiring practices; we recruit two types of individuals to join our team—experienced claims professionals with verifiable successful histories, and people who are willing to be trained properly and career oriented. From there, we treat our people right to maintain longevity.

This strategy is twofold in nature—first we make sure our compensation packages are extremely competitive, and second, we provide the tools and working environment—including leadership—to not only succeed but excel. This is why we have very little turnover—a common problem with many other Third Party Administrators.


Of equal importance is how we choose to grow and who we partner with. We view our role as an extension of our client’s claims department. To us, it is no different than if our employees were part of your own staff—and we train them to think and respond that way. We will blend in with your risk management staff seamlessly. In contrast to most Third Party Administrators we do not respond to every request for proposal or solicit every account that becomes available. We vet our potential clients as much and maybe even more than they do us.

There is a good reason for this.

To be the best, you can not partner with everyone. You have to recognize good fits and common goals for programs to work. We are looking for long term relationships and accounts where we know our programs will yield excellent results. We do not want to be the biggest—we want to be the best!


Perhaps most importantly is how we custom-tailor our programs to our client’s needs and nuances. No two clients are exactly the same, so programs need to differ to offer each client the maximum opportunity for high level success. Many Third Party Administrators will tell prospective clients what they want to hear and RFP responses look like a cut and paste project.

That is not how we do things at Action Claims Administrators.

Larger TPAs are forced to have their clients conform to their way of doing things in order for them to be profitable. It just has to be that way when you get to a certain level.

That is why we remain selective about our partners. We meet with you, learn your business and operations, and tailor a program to your needs as opposed to morphing you into bulk or mass handling. Those types of programs can work, but can never compare to an individualized custom plan and guidelines.


Action Claims Administrators enjoys excellent working relationships with many types of experts. Defense counsel, engineers, forensic accountants, cause and origin experts, nurse case managers, IME Physicians, risk managers, and risk analysts. These relationships make us privy to significant discounts in services for our clients when an expert is required. It also allows us the ability to team up with any preferred vendors our clients may have. Thanks to these relationships and partnerships, we often have the answers to complicated questions at our fingertips, and at no additional cost to the client when the claim does not warrant it.