Traci Alexander is the Owner of Action Tribal Administrators and belongs to the Cherokee Tribe of Oklahoma. Traci was awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration from Northeastern State University and specializes in Project Management. Traci aims to provide cutting-edge competitive claims administration that both leverages and protects a Tribe’s sovereignty and immunity while achieving the best, most probable outcome each and every time.

Traci is married to Chad Alexander and live in Oklahoma with their four children, Xoey, Xayda, William, and Xeplyn


Twisters, Floods, and Fires- Oh My!

Many of us live in Dixie Alley, the place where severe weather occurs regularly. By severe, we’re talking tornadoes, derechos, flooding, forest fires, and hurricanes. Dixie Alley is composed of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. In 2017 alone, these states were hit with more than 3,576 severe storms, according to data from the…