Best Insurance Claims Management Company 2020

Action Claim Service, Inc. is proud to receive this award for the best claims management company by Corporate Vision in 2020. This is a testament to our people, commitment, philosophy.



Does your TPA offer a performance guarantee?

Who is driving your claims to the best possible outcome? You or your adjuster?  At Action Claims Administrators, we work closely with our customers claims team to drive the best possible outcome on each and every claim.  We are so confident in our approach we offer a performance guarantee.  Call Chad Alexander for more information.…

Mitigate Risk words on clock to illustrate reducing dangers, hazards, liabilities or cause for injury or damages at a company, worksite or public place

How to Prevent Product Liability Risks

Every year, millions of dollars worth in property damage, serious injuries and business disruptions are caused by products that are defective, unstable, faulty or misused due to incorrect labels and instructions. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has an updated and comprehensive list of injuries and deaths due to anything from televisions, furniture, appliances,…