Understanding your customer is most everyone and providing the best service to your customer, most often separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. This is one of my core beliefs, as this statement should be obvious in any organization.  Fresh from college starting a career that would evolve into ten years’ experience as a senior claims adjuster transitioning to a Claims Supervisor position provided a great platform for the next step, a career in Human Resources. I discovered that a company strong with human capitol, integrity and drive makes it possible for a client service focused organization to be successful. Changing career focus to Human Resources, obtaining necessary HR experience along with a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) designation presented the opportunity to work for a Private Equity Group. I accepted a position to work as an executive team member with a group of progressive, strategic minded individuals. This brought forward experience to work in an environment with exposure to finance, operations in multiple states, challenges of an ever-changing cyclical and seasonal market and legal exposures. I am excited for the future, to combine the best of two careers with a growing organization and exceptional team at Action Claims Service, Inc. Carrlie has been married to Doug for 11 years. We have two awesome sons, Douglas whom is married to wife Bailey, and our younger son Colton. My husband and I are avid cow horse enthusiast that have a love of competition and a fancy horse.